For Schools

Dear Directors,

As the school year begins with classroom routines and exploration, your agenda will probably also include staff development and parent education.  To that end, we’d like to introduce Susan Nason who is expanding her longstanding role as parent educator/counselor and staff liaison, having retired from a 35-year career at First Presbyterian Church Nursery School as Assistant to the Director (Marjorie Goldsmith from 1984-1992, followed by Ellen Ziman 1992-2013).  Susan’s goal is to continue working with parent groups as well as teachers and administrators in early childhood schools, as she has done at First Pres, All Souls School, Chelsea Day School and others.* Her intimate knowledge of the school environment from the perspective of school administrator and parent educator makes her uniquely able to work with all members of the school community.  Since we are ideally suited to talk about her contributions to our schools we’d like to acquaint you with her work.

Susan has been a facilitator of the Faber/Mazlish “How To Talk So Kids Will Listen, How To Listen So Kids Will Talk” and “Siblings Without Rivalry” parenting workshops for years, developing a broad understanding and expertise in parent/children relationships.  At First Presbyterian NS and other schools she has worked with parents and teachers individually and in small groups.  She has provided thought-provoking staff workshops, using her observations and experience of classrooms and office.  She weaves her “school knowledge” with “How To Talk” communication techniques into lively interactive staff development workshops on topics such as praise and self-esteem, how to work with a difficult child/parent/co-worker, etc.  Participants learn specific techniques based on respectful and effective communication.

In addition to her workshops for parents, teachers and administrators in many independent and public schools in the tri-state area* Susan also has a thriving counseling practice for parents, employing spiritual, therapeutic and practical approaches to explore conscious parenting.  With a focus on communication, Susan practices what she teaches – she is inclusive and respectful of different ethnic, cultural, religious teaching/parenting styles.  She is an excellent listener who maintains confidentiality in groups or individual settings.

Susan is very interested in working with ISAAGNY [DECA] schools and would be pleased to discuss your needs and how she might help your school.  You may contact her at [email protected] or by phone at 212-674-7218.  Please feel free to contact any of us as references.

With best wishes for an enriching and enlightening school year,

Marjorie Goldsmith, Director, All Souls School

Jean Rosenberg, Director, Chelsea Day School

Ellen Ziman, (former) Director, First Presbyterian Church Nursery School (retired 2013 – [email protected])

*Susan has also facilitated workshops at the Ackerman Institute for the Family, Barrow Street Nursery School, Rockefeller University Child and Family Center, Ross Global Academy, Girls’ Prep and the Seleni Institute.  She has been a speaker for the Parents’ League, the Junior League and mothers’ organizations including Bowery Babes and Hudson River Park Mamas. 

 Information about Susan Nason’s private practice can be found at